Short Courses & Study Tours

Due to international travel restrictions because of the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is highly unlikely that any of the scheduled 2020 study tours will be happening. For any local events, please consider the restrictions on public movement in your state, and note that these events are also likely to have been called off.

The likelihood of any events due to be held in the next 3-6 months taking place as scheduled is extremely slim. However, it must be noted many organisations are moving to provide digital replacements for scheduled seminars and conferences. Please contact the organisers for the full details.

The AEMA Gazette cannot at this time check each listing to ensure information is up to date about future non-AEMA events being held as planned.

The Irish Archaeology Field School (IAFS), Ireland’s leading provider of accredited, field-based archaeological research and training, is again providing a number of credited and uncredited programs (as well as eight-week long internships) for novice and experienced students in archaeology.

While their programs are excavation-centred and aimed primarily at students of archaeology, anthropology and history, these courses are open to all interested students and researchers. These four-week programs include tuition, credit transcript (for some courses), accommodation and meals, equipment and field trips. International travel and local transfers are not included.

The following IAFS excavation programmes will be offered in 2020:

Forensic Anthropology: Dead Men Do Tell Tales

8-14 March 2020 and 7-13 June 2020

Field Anthropology: Uncovering the Archaeology of Conflict and Colonisation

14-27 June 2020

Experimental Archaeology and Materiality of The Medieval Period in Ireland – Summer

14 June – 11 July 2020

Bioarchaeology and Excavation : Discovering St Aidan’s Monastery

14 June – 11 July 2020

Bioarchaeology/Forensic Anthropology – Introduction to Excavating and Recording Human Remains

12-25 July 2020

Geoarchaeology/ Environmental Science In Ireland: The Environmental and Cultural Heritage of the Irish Landscape

12 July – 8 August 2020

IFR Summer Excavation: The Medieval Landscape of Ferrycarrig, Tracing the Anglo-Norman Invasion of Ireland

12 July – 8 August 2020

Landscape Archaeology In Ireland: Reading the Irish Landscape and its Role in Ireland’s Cultural Heritage

19 July – 1 August 2020

Early Medieval Archaeological Project – Lednica Lake

13th June – 2nd July 2020 (inclusive of international travel)

This short overseas course will introduce students to the archaeological field methods including underwater excavations, mapping, photogrammetry, site documentation, artefact analyses and some basic conservation skills whilst working on one of the most remarkable European early medieval sites. Ostrów Lednicki is a historical island in the middle of Lednica lake in Central Poland and was one of the key fortified settlements of an emerging Polish Kingdom between 10th and 11th centuries. It remains one of the most important early medieval architectural monuments in the country. Underwater excavations in the vicinity of two main, and third smaller, bridges unearthed the largest collection of early medieval military equipment and weaponry ever found in Europe, including high percentage of Viking weapons. The students of this course will engage in fieldwork on the submerged bridge and boats, site documentation including photogrammetry, study of early medieval artefacts and weaponry as well as a number of organised trips to other medieval archaeological sites and museums of interest.

If you are a Flinders University postgraduate student or a senior undergrad (3rd year) you will just pay a normal 4.5 unit HECS fee for this course, as Archaeological Field Methods (ARCH8801). If you are a non-Flinders student or a junior undergrad you can still enrol in ARCH8801 through a short course option that is available on Flinders website (the cost is a standard graduate topic fee of $2133 for domestic, or $3350 for international participants) and you will be able to claim this credit later on during your postgraduate studies.

You will additionally have to cover the fieldwork costs (which include accommodation, food and some local transportation as well as all organised sightseeing trips run by our partner the Museum of Piast Dynasty in Lednica – this will be paid on site), international travel and travel to the site from the airport, vaccinations, insurance and any visa arrangements that you need to make.

Places are very limited, so please get your application in now!

Contact: Ania Kotarba

The Macquarie Ancient Languages School (MALS) offers intensive courses at introductory to advanced levels.

MALS began in 1981 as an intensive summer school in ancient Greek. It has expanded over the years and now offers courses in a variety of ancient languages associated with the teaching and research programs of the Department of Ancient History at Macquarie University. Week-long sessions are run on the Macquarie campus in January and July each year. They specialise in Greek, Egyptian, Latin (winter only), Coptic, and Hebrew, as well as regularly including other languages. Everyone (from 16 years of age up) who is interested in exploring one of these languages with us is warmly welcomed.

Winter Week 2020 will be held 13-17 July, 2020.
Summer Week 2021 will be held 7-15 January, 2021.
Winter Week 2021 will be held 5-9 July, 2021.


The Christopher Dawson Centre for Cultural Studies

Latin Summer School

Rome, Italy

5-18 July 2020.

An intensive Latin Language course and reading party. The goal is to examine two millennia of Roman and Italian culture – art as well as literature – through the medium of the Latin Language which is common to the whole tradition. We shall read pieces by the major writers of the Classical Canon and by their successors in Medieval and Renaissance times.

The course is run by Dr Robert H.F. Carver and Dr David Daintree, and will take place at the Bernardi Campus of the University of St Thomas in Rome. All-inclusive course costs (excluding airfares, lunch and dinner) are €1980 per person, twin-share.


Australian School of Celtic Learning Study Tour

Early Medieval Scotland

18-31 July 2021

Join a small group of fellow enthusiasts for a guided tour of early medieval artefacts and archaeological sites in Scotland, led by an expert in the field.
$4 800 – please register in advance

Includes: all accommodation, transport, meals, admission to sites, expert guide and mini lectures. You will be responsible for: flights into Glasgow and out of Edinburgh, travel insurance, extra snacks, drinks, souvenirs and other incidentals. Accommodation will involve some sharing of rooms: if you would like a guaranteed single room, please contact us for details of a surcharge