Australian School of Celtic Learning – August Online Events

Who were the Celts In this Sunday afternoon webinar, we will introduce the culture of the Celts, focusing on bronze-age, iron-age and early medieval language, art and archaeology.  We explore questions of identity, location and time period.  We investigate archaeological sites for what they can tell us about Celtic culture.  By looking at artefacts we… Continue reading Australian School of Celtic Learning – August Online Events


Magic and Memory in the Pre-Modern North

Autumn School, University of Helsinki25–29 October 2021 Magic is a nearly ubiquitous theme in surviving Old Norse-Icelandic literature— for example, the Æsir gods as group are called galdrasmiðir (magic makers), Óðinn is presented first and foremost as the master magician, the sagas are regularly populated with a variety of people skilled in using magic, missionary… Continue reading Magic and Memory in the Pre-Modern North