Viking Conquests & Voyages – WEA Sydney

Fierce fighters and expert navigators, the Vikings - aka 'Norsemen' - left their Scandinavian homelands from the late 8th cent. CE in search of riches, be it from pirating, pillaging or trade. Three centuries of journeys and raids took them all over Europe and as far as Arabia and Iran. They even reached North America… Continue reading Viking Conquests & Voyages – WEA Sydney

Magic and Memory in the Pre-Modern North

Autumn School, University of Helsinki25–29 October 2021 Magic is a nearly ubiquitous theme in surviving Old Norse-Icelandic literature— for example, the Æsir gods as group are called galdrasmiðir (magic makers), Óðinn is presented first and foremost as the master magician, the sagas are regularly populated with a variety of people skilled in using magic, missionary… Continue reading Magic and Memory in the Pre-Modern North