CFP: AEMA 17 Memory & Forgetting, Digital Conference, 30 Sept-1 October 2022

You little beauty! This conference invites papers on the theme of memory and forgetting. Memory is malleable. It isshaped by selection, by mediation, by transmission, by ideologies, by societies and, above all, byforgetting. In the words of Ann Rigney, ‘like water transported in a leaky bucket which slowly runsdry, [memories] are continuously being lost along… Continue reading CFP: AEMA 17 Memory & Forgetting, Digital Conference, 30 Sept-1 October 2022

CFP: Christian Political Cultures in Late Antiquity, 21st-22nd June 2023, University of Liverpool

We invite papers for a conference (and planned edited volume) on Christian Political Cultures in Late Antiquity. The remarkably homogeneous ways of thinking about Christian political authority across the Roman world in late antiquity (c. 250-700 CE)—so carefully reconstructed in classic mid-20th century accounts—mask the immense diversity of the social and institutional contexts in which… Continue reading CFP: Christian Political Cultures in Late Antiquity, 21st-22nd June 2023, University of Liverpool

CFP: Pandemic Reflections – Saint Francis and the Lepers Catch Up with COVID 

Call for Papers for a forthcoming edited collection, Pandemic Reflections: Saint Francis and the Lepers Catch Up with COVID.    To be published with Ethics International Press.     The collection will focus on Saint Francis, his life with lepers, and the COVID pandemic. The collection is meant to explore what it means to think about Francis in light… Continue reading CFP: Pandemic Reflections – Saint Francis and the Lepers Catch Up with COVID 

The Legacy of Gildas – Book Launch

The Centre for Medieval & Renaissance Studies at Monash University is pleased to be hosting the launch of Dr Stephen Joyce’s new monograph, The Legacy of Gildas: Constructions of Authority in the Early Medieval West (Boydell, 2022), a ‘provocative new investigation into the shadowy figure of Gildas, his influence and representation’. The launch will feature… Continue reading The Legacy of Gildas – Book Launch

Laura Bassi Scholarships

Born in Bologna in 1711, Laura Bassi was the first woman to take up a professorship in Europe and the second to earn a doctorate. Her extraordinary career as an academic spanned nearly five decades, for much of which she was a galvanizing figure for the scientific culture of eighteenth century Europe. Bassi’s admirers included… Continue reading Laura Bassi Scholarships

Call For Pitches: Manuscripts and Material Culture – Hazine

Why are manuscripts critical to Islamic and Islamicate studies, and how do they impact pedagogy? How does material culture help us venture into the past, and how do manuscripts affect religious practice, be it Muslim, Coptic, Armenian, etc? Hazine is seeking 3-4 pieces on manuscripts and material culture from the Mashriq, Maghreb, East Africa, West… Continue reading Call For Pitches: Manuscripts and Material Culture – Hazine

SSNS Bursaries and Grants

The Scottish Society for Northern Studies (SSNS) is offering funding for individuals and organisations over four categories. Associated institutions should be subscribers or at least two of the organisers should be members of the SSNS, and applications should include a brief project outline that demonstrates its relevance to the Society’s aims and objectives. Publication and Conference Grants… Continue reading SSNS Bursaries and Grants

Carved in Stone – an Early Medieval Crowdfunded Tabletop Game

Carved in Stone is a project showcasing the rich and complicated landscape of 7th century Scotland. Its primary goal is to create an illustration-rich visual system-neutral setting guide. This book will act as a primer on the Pictish people, allowing you to truly play as Picts in ancient Scotland. It will focus on their culture… Continue reading Carved in Stone – an Early Medieval Crowdfunded Tabletop Game

How to become a king in medieval Europe?

Levi Roach (University of Exeter) & Björn Weiler (Aberystwyth University) in Conversation Chaired by Ryan Kemp (University of Bonn) Medieval Europe was a world of kings, but what did this mean to those who did not themselves wear a crown? How could they prevent corrupt and evil men from seizing the throne? How could they… Continue reading How to become a king in medieval Europe?

Ceræ – Open Opportunities

Ceræ is an open-access, award-winning, peer-reviewed journal directed by a committee of international graduate students and early career researchers. We are united in our commitment to open access publishing, the innovative possibilities of the digital humanities, and to forging a strong community of medieval and early modern scholars. Volunteering for Ceræ provides invaluable experience in… Continue reading Ceræ – Open Opportunities

AEMA Conference – Reminder and Publisher Offers

The 2021 AEMA Conference, Eruption/Disruption/Interruption, will begin in less than ONE hour! The committee is very much looking forward to seeing our members and supporters, both new and old, and it's still not too late to register for this free international conference. To view the final programme and all the abstracts, as well as to… Continue reading AEMA Conference – Reminder and Publisher Offers

EHCS – Open Editorial Roles

Emotions: History, Culture, Society (EHCS) is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary biannual journal published by Brill Publishing on behalf of the Society for the History of Emotions. EHCS is dedicated to understanding the emotions as culturally and temporally-situated phenomena, and to exploring the role of emotion in shaping human experience and action by individuals, groups, societies and… Continue reading EHCS – Open Editorial Roles

JAEMA Volume 17, Issue 1 – Digital Issue Available Now

This year, the AEMA committee has made the decision to begin publishing the journal a little differently to how we have done until now. As of Volume 17, the journal will be presented as two issues/year, with the new articles appearing in both issues, and the Book Reviews and Short Notices appearing in Issue 2.… Continue reading JAEMA Volume 17, Issue 1 – Digital Issue Available Now