Papacy and the Periphery, c.1050-c.1300 – Conference

Despite their peripheral location, Christendom’s frontier kingdoms and outer-regions were arguably far from peripheral in importance. These peripheral kingdoms acted as a counter-balance to those powers located at the core of Christendom and they were fundamental to the papacy’s conception of Europe and its hierarchy. By considering the periphery we can appreciate ‘reform’ in a… Continue reading Papacy and the Periphery, c.1050-c.1300 – Conference

Doing Things with Old Norse Myth – Conference

A Research & Cultural Symposium on Mythological Processes, Reykjavík, 25-27 November 2021 Doing Things with Old Norse Myth: A Research & Cultural Symposium on Mythological Processes is the latest in the annual series of Aarhus Old Norse Mythology conferences that have been held around the world since 2005. This year’s event is jointly organised by… Continue reading Doing Things with Old Norse Myth – Conference

Ambiguity and Ambivalence in Late Antiquity – Conference

Ambiguity and ambivalence are productive notions through which to explore Late Antiquity. They reflect the uncertainties and grey areas that are such a feature of this period, as the classical past slowly gave way to the medieval future, as paganism was overtaken by Christianity. Definitions – of sacred and secular, orthodox and heretical, Roman and… Continue reading Ambiguity and Ambivalence in Late Antiquity – Conference

AEMA Conference CFP

Eruption/Disruption/Interruption October 1-2, 2021 The conference committee invites papers on the theme of Eruption/Disruption/Interruption. As we continue to process the impact of COVID-19 on global and local societies, the jury is still out on whether the eruption of a global pandemic, and the subsequent disruptions and interruptions to contemporary routines, are a 'game-changer' or an… Continue reading AEMA Conference CFP

ICMS 2022 – Session Proposals Open

Hosted by the Medieval Institute at Western Michigan University, the International Congress on Medieval Studies is an annual gathering of scholars interested in medieval studies. Because of continuing uncertainties regarding the pandemic (as emphasised by the World Health Organisation and the CDC) and its effect on travel, the 2022 Congress will be held virtually over… Continue reading ICMS 2022 – Session Proposals Open

ANZAMEMS 2022 CFP – ‘Reception and Emotion’

The 2022 ANZAMEMS conference, which was originally intended to have been held in Perth in February 2021, but postponed due to the pandemic, will now be held in Perth, WA, 27 June - 1 July 2022. The ANZAMEMS committee welcomes all approaches to topics related to ‘reception and emotion’ broadly conceived (and conceived either together… Continue reading ANZAMEMS 2022 CFP – ‘Reception and Emotion’

Ceræ Volume 8 CFP

Ceræ: An Australasian Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies, is an award-winning, peer-reviewed, academic journal of medieval and early modern studies. Since its inception in 2013 at the University of Western Australia, Ceræ has intentionally been both a digital-only and an open access publication. Ceræ is seeking submissions for volume 8 of the journal,… Continue reading Ceræ Volume 8 CFP