AEMA Conference CFP

Eruption/Disruption/Interruption October 1-2, 2021 The conference committee invites papers on the theme of Eruption/Disruption/Interruption. As we continue to process the impact of COVID-19 on global and local societies, the jury is still out on whether the eruption of a global pandemic, and the subsequent disruptions and interruptions to contemporary routines, are a 'game-changer' or an… Continue reading AEMA Conference CFP

The Past, Present, and Future of Digital Medieval Studies – A Global Digital Medievalist Symposium

The era of COVID-19 has been transformational for medieval digital humanities. Medievalists have come to learn the limits and possibilities of online scholarship, whether in the virtual classroom or in the transfer of knowledge among specialists. Although direct access to material sources and the easy face-to-face exchanges with colleagues are deeply missed, we have come to… Continue reading The Past, Present, and Future of Digital Medieval Studies – A Global Digital Medievalist Symposium

ANZAMEMS 2022 CFP – ‘Reception and Emotion’

The 2022 ANZAMEMS conference, which was originally intended to have been held in Perth in February 2021, but postponed due to the pandemic, will now be held in Perth, WA, 27 June - 1 July 2022. The ANZAMEMS committee welcomes all approaches to topics related to ‘reception and emotion’ broadly conceived (and conceived either together… Continue reading ANZAMEMS 2022 CFP – ‘Reception and Emotion’

ISSEME Conference 2021

The International Society for the Study of Early Medieval England is the organization of record for those interested in history, art, archaeology, literature, languages, religion, society, and numismatics of England between the years c. 450 and 1100 CE. ISSEME currently has over 500 active members from 20 different countries, ranging from graduate students just starting their careers to… Continue reading ISSEME Conference 2021