Hyggnaþing – Old Norse Graduate Conference

Hyggnaþing, meaning ‘Meeting of Minds’, is a one-day conference in Old Norse studies. Having experienced over a full year of lockdown in the UK, we feel that students have been at a disadvantage when trying to engage with research in their field. In response, Hyggnaþing aims to overcome the difficulties of isolation by bringing postgraduate students together… Continue reading Hyggnaþing – Old Norse Graduate Conference

University Librarian (Canada)

The University of King’s College (Halifax, Nova Scotia) invites nominations and applications for the position of University Librarian. The General Collection of more than 60,000 print volumes serves the Foundation Year Program, the three upper-year programs and the School of Journalism. The Library’s Special Collections of almost 20,000 volumes includes Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts, incunabula… Continue reading University Librarian (Canada)

TOEBI 2021 Annual Conference – CFP

The Teachers of Old English in Britain and Ireland (TOEBI) association aims to promote and support the teaching of Old English in British and Irish Universities, and to raise the profile of the Old English language, Old English literature and early medieval England in the public eye. The organisation consists of some 200 professionals, students and… Continue reading TOEBI 2021 Annual Conference – CFP

Australian School of Celtic Learning – August Online Events

Who were the Celts In this Sunday afternoon webinar, we will introduce the culture of the Celts, focusing on bronze-age, iron-age and early medieval language, art and archaeology.  We explore questions of identity, location and time period.  We investigate archaeological sites for what they can tell us about Celtic culture.  By looking at artefacts we… Continue reading Australian School of Celtic Learning – August Online Events

Melbourne Uni Medieval Round Table Lecture Series – Dr Carol Williams

Sounding Numbers in the Passions of the Soul According to the legend it was Pythagoras who first made the connection between numbers and the acoustic relations between musical pitches. He was wandering past a blacksmith’s forge when he was attracted to the ringing tones of the different anvils as they were struck by the hammer.… Continue reading Melbourne Uni Medieval Round Table Lecture Series – Dr Carol Williams

Ninth Annual Symposium on Medieval and Renaissance Studies

20-22 June, 2022, St Louis University, USA. The Annual Symposium on Medieval and Renaissance Studies provides a convenient summer venue in North America for scholars in all disciplines to present papers, organize sessions, participate in roundtables, and engage in interdisciplinary discussion. The goal of the symposium is to promote serious scholarly investigation of the medieval… Continue reading Ninth Annual Symposium on Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Digital Resources, Manuscripts and Texts: An Online Training Event

An online event hosted by the AHRC-IRC Digital Humanities Research Network, Developing a Digital Framework for the Medieval Gaelic World, 7-9 September 2021, 1330-1700 BST (2200-0200 AEST). This event will mark the digitisation of a sixteenth-century Gaelic manuscript, London, British Library, Harley 5280, and the newly digitised images will form the centre of an information… Continue reading Digital Resources, Manuscripts and Texts: An Online Training Event

University of Melbourne – Postdoctoral Fellowships

The Melbourne Postdoctoral Fellowships Program is a University of Melbourne program, offered in 2021 to support early career researchers, and in recognition of the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic on this cohort. Fellowships are available to University of Melbourne PhD graduates and current academic staff (fixed term or casual) who may have graduated with… Continue reading University of Melbourne – Postdoctoral Fellowships

JAEMA Volume 17, Issue 1 – Digital Issue Available Now

This year, the AEMA committee has made the decision to begin publishing the journal a little differently to how we have done until now. As of Volume 17, the journal will be presented as two issues/year, with the new articles appearing in both issues, and the Book Reviews and Short Notices appearing in Issue 2.… Continue reading JAEMA Volume 17, Issue 1 – Digital Issue Available Now

17th Annual Marco Manuscript Workshop

“Interventions”, February 4-5, 2022 The 17th annual Marco Manuscript Workshop will take place 4-5 February 2022, in person, at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. The workshop is organized by Professors Maura K. Lafferty (Classics) and Roy M. Liuzza (English), and is hosted by the Marco Institute for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. This year’s workshop explores… Continue reading 17th Annual Marco Manuscript Workshop

AEMA Newsletter Editor – Open EOI

The AEMA Committee would like to invite applications from people interested in being the next AEMA Newsletter Editor. Currently, our Newsletter is released electronically on a quarterly schedule with a focus on the activities and achievements of our members and the association itself, but different schedules may be proposed by potential editors. In your expression… Continue reading AEMA Newsletter Editor – Open EOI

SMRG Talk – The Voynich MS – Dr Keagan Brewer

The Voynich Manuscript, Dr Johannes Hartlieb, and the Emotions underpinning Gynaeco-sexual Encipherment The Voynich manuscript is a famous fifteenth-century European illustrated manuscript whose text is written in a cipher. Its illustrations include herbs, stars, planets, anatomy, and hundreds of naked women. Evidence from within the manuscript points towards gynaecology being the central theme and Germany… Continue reading SMRG Talk – The Voynich MS – Dr Keagan Brewer

Romance, Epic and Hagiography in Medieval Multi-Text Manuscripts – CFP

2-4 December 2021, Anglistik I, Heinrich-Heine University The multi-text manuscript was a key medium for disseminating popular narratives including romances and epic or hagiographical texts across the cultural and linguistic borders of late medieval Europe. The manuscripts that have survived from this period can therefore be read not only as windows into the literary, social… Continue reading Romance, Epic and Hagiography in Medieval Multi-Text Manuscripts – CFP

New Brepols Book Series – East Central Europe, 476-1795 and beyond

This series from Brepols publishes interdisciplinary scholarship on the history of East Central Europe. It aims to contribute to a broader understanding of the social, economic, and political culture of the region as an integral part of Europe and a significant contributor to the human story worldwide. In so doing, this series challenges the application of… Continue reading New Brepols Book Series – East Central Europe, 476-1795 and beyond

CALL FOR CURATORS – “Transmedia Vikings”

Vikings and their iconography have stormed the mediascape. In 2020, for example, two best-selling video games - Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and the indie Valheim - joined Netflix’s Norsemen, Ragnarok, and The Last Kingdom among popular re-visionings of medieval Scandinavia and its empires. More troubling has been the popularity of Viking iconography and mythography among right-wing… Continue reading CALL FOR CURATORS – “Transmedia Vikings”