[transpacificlateantiquity] Upcoming Lightning talk conference, 12 November

Kia ora PPLA colleagues

Please find below the finalised schedule and zoom details for the PPLA lightning conference. We look forward to seeing many of you on zoom soon!

PPLA Lightning Conference Schedule

**All times and days given in Pacific Standard Time**

Zoom Link for both days: Meeting ID: 969 6179 9576

Saturday 12 November

14.50-1500      Welcome to the conference

Session 1       Chair: Mark Masterson
15.00-15.15     Ed Watts, ‘The suspicious evolution of the death of a tyrant’
15.15-15.30     Laurent Cases, ‘Diocesan taxation, the superindictio and the pastus primipili: Economies of scale in the Late Roman taxation system’
15.30-15.45     Han Baltussen, ‘Typical Features of Fourth Century CE Consolations: Porphyry, Julian, Libanius in Empathic Mode?’

Session 2       Chair: Ed Watts
16.15-16.30     Sonia-Ingrid Anderson, ‘The Mosaic of Crescentius’
16.30-16.45     Erica Steiner, ‘‘All the Britons paint their bodies with woad’: Uncovering an historiographical ‘blue’ herring’
16.45-17.00     Mary Harpas, ‘Tied Together: Visual Interpretations and Legacy of Heraklas’ On Knots’

Sunday 13 November

Session 3       Chair: Han Baltussen
15.00-15.15     Michael E. Stewart, ‘Dashing John: Social Networks and Marital Alliances during the Gothic War, 538-548’
15.15-15.30     Charlie Thorne, ‘A bilingual terminological appraisal of Justinian I’s conceptualisation of ‘nature:’ jurisprudence, philosophy and theology’
15.30-15.45     Matthew Crum, “Why did Leo the Deacon use Prokopios as a Model for the Conquest of Crete?”

Session 4       Chair: Lisa Bailey
16.15-16.30     Elizabeth Wilson, ‘The Order of Obedience and Knowledge in Hilary’s Thought’
16.30-16.45     Becky Lloyd-Hagemann, ‘How did Classical Roman Ideologies of Sexuality and Gender Intersect with Christian Attitudes in the Fourth and Fifth Centuries A.D.?’
16.45-17.00     Dan Knox, ‘Mapping the Laurentian Schism’

17.00-17-15     Conference wrap up and discussion of next steps