Nomadic Networks and the Spread and Practice of Islam: online workshop October 28

Third Ḥajar Online Workshop

October 28th 2022 15:45 – 19:00 (CET time)

Chairs: Irina Shingiray (University of Oxford) and José C. Carvajal López (University of Leicester)

15:45 Case studies

José C. Carvajal López (University of Leicester)

Nomads of Qatar? The emergence of Bedouin communities in the Persian-Arabian Gulf

ShadiaTaha (University of Cambridge)

Beja nomads in Sudan: neglected history and bleak future

Jorge de Torres Rodríguez (Incipit -Institute of Heritage Sciences, Spain)

Islamic archaeology of the nomads in the Horn of Africa

17:15 Break

17:30 Discussion

Discussant: Greg Fisher

Discussant: Benjamin A. Saidel, East Carolina University

General debate and questions

For registration (and zoom link), please email by October 26th.