Chasing Threads: Where next for the Galloway Hoard? Dr Adrián Maldonado (National Museums Scotland)

The lecture will provide an overview of the Galloway Hoard, deposited in southwest Scotland c. AD 900, currently on display at Aberdeen Art Gallery until 23 October. The Hoard contains some of the largest quantities of gold and silver from any contemporary find in Britain or Ireland, but uniquely among Viking-age hoards in Scotland, it also contains local Northumbrian and more exotic materials. Runic and Latin inscriptions also provide us with names of people who may have been involved in its deposition.

The focus of an ongoing Arts and Humanities Research Council funded project is the rare organic materials which were preserved, including textiles found wrapping many of the items. The talk will explore what is known so far, and what it may suggest about southwest Scotland sitting between the Viking silver economy and Northumbrian power structures.

Thursday 13 October, 1600 BST (Friday 14 October 0200 AEST)

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