Kudos/Sydney Latin Summer School Grant in Aid.

The Kudos Foundation exists to assist Australian universities as eligible charities to promote the teaching and study of Classical languages. We now invite applications for a Kudos Grant in Aid to support the teaching and study of Greek, Latin, or both.  

Applicants should state in detail how the Grant would support an initiative or project essential for the teaching and study of Ancient Greek and/or Latin in their university. The application should include an indicative budget and not be more than three A4 pages.

The potential of the grant to secure or enhance the University’s programme in Ancient Greek and Latin, as well as the quality of the project, will be taken into account in assessing applications. An application may also be considered more favourably if the University concerned is willing to make a financial or in-kind contribution towards its object. If this is the case, please include a statement from the Head of School, Dean or equivalent authorised officer to this effect. 

Closing date 31 December 2022.  Kudos contribution $10-15,000. 

The Kudos Foundation acknowledges the generous support of the Sydney Latin Summer School. The decision to award a Grant will be determined by the Kudos Foundation in its absolute discretion. 

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Applications may be sent here.