Funded PhD at University of Sydney.

PhD at the University of Sydney: The poetics of Social Change in Late Antiquity (250-750AD).

We invite applications for a fully funded PhD as part of the project ‘The Poetics of Social Change in Late Antiquity (250-750AD)’. This project investigates how classical Latin poetry was read and responded to in late antiquity (c. 250 – 750 AD). It is co-led by Paul Roche and Anne Rogerson at the University of Sydney. The supervisory team, has recently won an Australian Research Council Discovery Project grant: ‘The Vandal Renaissance: Latin Literature in Post-Roman Africa (435-534CE)’.

For further details about the PhD project, please contact Associate Professor Paul Roche or Dr Anne Rogerson.

Full description: Link to application. The deadlines for application:

Domestic students: 31 October 2022
International students: 30 September 2022