Medieval Round Table: 5 September, 6.15pm AEST

The Medieval Round Table meets again next Monday, 5 September, at 6:15 with a paper by Darius von Guttner, Australian Catholic University: ‘Jagiellons: The Dynasty That United Poland and Lithuania’. 

We’ll again be meeting via Zoom.  To receive the Zoom link for the meeting please email Stephanie Trigg by this Saturday, 3 September; the link will then be emailed to you on Sunday.

Jagiellons: The Dynasty That United Poland and Lithuania

In 1384 Jadwiga of the Capetian House of Anjou, the youngest daughter of Louis the Great, King of Hungary and Poland, became the queen of Poland.  Her marriage to a newly converted Jogaila of Lithuania opened the history of the union of Poland and Lithuania and promised the Polish crown to Jogaila’s descendants.  This paper will explore the emergence of the Jagiellon Dynasty as the most powerful royal house of Central Europe and examine its fall when challenged by the ascendant Habsburgs.

Darius von Güttner-Sporzyński, Australian Catholic University, is a historian of Central Europe with a particular interest in cultural aspects of transmission of ideas and identity.  He is the General Editor of Brepols’ series “East Central Europe”.  His publications cover diverse aspects of history from the Middle Ages to the Modern.  Darius’ book Poland, Holy War and the Piast Dynasty (Brepols, 2014) examined the transmission of the idea of Christian holy war to and from the European periphery and challenged established historiographical position that the Poles did not participate in sacred warfare because of their “aversion to the use of violence in the matters of faith.”  He is currently editing two collections of essays for Brepols Publishers: Jagiellon Europe – Central Europe, examining the early modern dynastic networks of power and gender politics, and The Jagiellon Queens Consort: Queenship, Role and Impact, examining cultural, familial, religious and political aspects of women’s exercise of power.

Darius is also a Principal Honorary Research Fellow in History, the University of Melbourne and a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, UK.