EOI: A Cultural History of Protest, Dissent and Activism

Call for EOIs for general series editors and volume editors

A multi-volume project on the world history of protest, dissent and activism from Antiquity to the 21st century, this series will consist of six highly illustrated volumes, each devoted to an examination of protest, dissent and activism in one of six historical periods (Antiquity, The Medieval Age, The Renaissance, The Enlightenment, The Age of Empire, and The Modern Age). The series has a global scope and remit.

This call is seeking EOIs from 1-3 General/Series Editors who will be responsible for identifying individual editors for the six volumes in the series. Each volume will be edited by an accomplished scholar, and the series will be interdisciplinary, engaging scholars from history but also history, literary studies, linguistics, political science, philosophy, classical studies and other related disciplines.

Volume Editors will in turn identify individuals to contribute chapters for their respective volumes.  Each chapter will cover one of 8/9 key themes in the study of protest, dissent and activism during the relevant historical period. The volume editor will write an Editorial Introduction of about 10,000 words – this will outline the major ideas and themes concerning protest, dissent and activism in the historical period (it will not be a summary of the chapters).  In addition, the volume editor will coordinate the securing of artwork and permission clearances for their respective volumes. The volume editor will also be responsible for compiling a cumulative end-of-volume section of notes, bibliography and index for the chapters in his/her volume. The 6 volumes in A Cultural History of Protest, Dissent and Activism will be published together in hardback as a series/set and then released as individual volumes roughly 18 months later. 

Please contact Professor Kylie Message with any questions, or with EOIs for the role of general series editor or volume editor.