Two Full Time Research Associate Positions, 48 months, with DoSSE Project (Leicester, UK)

The ERC-funded DoSSE Project – Domestic Slavery and Sexual Exploitation in the Households of Europe, North Africa, and the Near East: From Constantine to c. AD 900 / AH 287 – is seeking researchers with a PhD in History or a related discipline, a profile of published or forthcoming scholarship, and proficiency in two or more of the following ancient languages: Latin, Greek, Arabic, Syriac, Coptic, Hebrew, and Aramaic. Although this is a collaborative research project (in which it is of paramount importance that researchers work together as part of a team), the independence of each researcher will be respected and his or her career success will be prioritised as one of the outcomes of the project itself.

Position: Research Associate
Duration: 48 months, full time
Rank: Grade 7 (£35,326 to £40,927 per annum)
Start: 1 October 2022 or soon thereafter
End: 30 September 2026
Location: University of Leicester, UK

To apply. For more information on DoSSE Project.

Please direct enquiries, please contact Erin Thomas Dailey.