Monash CMRS Online Seminar, Friday, 27th May at 10am AEST

Speaker: Kyly Walker (PhD candidate, University of Leeds, UK)

Archbishop Geoffrey Plantagenet of York’s Conception of His Archiepiscopal Office and Authority

Abstract:  Archbishop Geoffrey Plantagenet of York (1191–1212) was a strong personality who had a far from easy episcopate. Appointed to fulfil the dying wish of his father, King Henry II of England, Geoffrey clashed with the canons of York, his suffragans, and the king, which meant he often struggled to carry out the duties of his office. In this paper I explore the language used in Geoffrey’s acta. I especially focus on the acta relating to disputes, both those in which Geoffrey himself was a disputant and those where he negotiated or confirmed settlements. Through this exploration, I will show that Geoffrey’s acta project a particular conception of his authority and office, with an emphasis on obedience.

27 May 2022, 10am (AEST time), online via Zoom

Please go here for zoom link. Zoom Password: 939747