CMRS Monash: Collective Living and the Development of ‘Privacy’ in Late Medieval Europe

This week we are pleased to welcome Dr Sarah Kerr from Aarhus University, Denmark for another Friday night of history. Dr Kerr will be presenting at 6pm and we look forward to seeing you all there.

Title: Collective Living and the Development of ‘Privacy’ in Late Medieval Europe

Date: Friday, 6th May

Time: 6pm-7pm AEST (For those in other time zones, here is a handy converter!)

Place: Zoom Meeting. Click Here for Link

Zoom Password: 939747

Abstract:  This talk will introduce the main themes of Sarah Kerr’s forthcoming book Medieval Lodging Ranges: Architecture, Identity and Space which will be published by Boydell and Brewer in 2022. The explores the great houses of England and Wales to investigate the themes of sensory perceptions, illusory architecture, identities, social distance, and the development of ‘privacy’. The talk will set out the evidence for identifying hints of privacy and social distance much earlier in the archaeological record than previously considered.  

Bio: Dr Sarah Kerr is a medieval archaeologist and heritage specialist based in Aarhus University, Denmark. As an interdisciplinary scholar, she utilises both contemporary documents and late medieval to Tudor-period material culture, particularly buildings, as her sources.