Free concert: Accord

Between our “proper” concerts – and while Jerzy is busy with opera – we’re inviting our friends to a free, relaxed show-and-tell about our medieval instruments. We’ll display some of the texts and images which inform our understanding (such as it is) of how such instruments were made and played, as well as their social role. And of course we’ll discuss and demonstrate our own modern reproductions: the significance of their construction and tuning, the playing techniques we have chosen, and the way we incorporate instruments (about which many uncertainties remain) into our present-day concerts.

Accord are:

  • Margaret Arnold : organetto
  • Richard Excell : vielles, rebec, psaltery, lyre, horn, gemshorn
  • Sue Tweg : reader
  • Carol Williams : harps, rebec, vielle

Sunday 8 May 2022, 11:00 am
Kathleen Syme Library and Community Centre, 251 Faraday St. Carlton, Melbourne.