SSNS Bursaries and Grants

The Scottish Society for Northern Studies (SSNS) is offering funding for individuals and organisations over four categories. Associated institutions should be subscribers or at least two of the organisers should be members of the SSNS, and applications should include a brief project outline that demonstrates its relevance to the Society’s aims and objectives.

Publication and Conference Grants

On an annual basis, SSNS will offer up to two small grants (generally not exceeding £500) to support the organisation of relevant conferences or to contribute to the cost of publication. If funding is awarded, acknowledgement of the grant must be given in the publicity of the conference and/or the front matter of the publication. A brief summary of the conference and its results and legacy (c. 500 words) should be submitted within four weeks of completion for posting on the Society’s website. Where funding is offered for a publication, or where a publication results from a funded conference, organisers shall forward a copy to be reviewed in the Society’s journal, Northern Studies.

Postgraduate/Early Career Conference Grant

In addition to its general Publication and Conference Grant (above), the Society may provide funding to support the organisation of a conference specifically aimed at postgraduate students and/or early career researchers in a relevant subject – to a maximum of two grants per academic year. Funding will generally not exceed £200 for a day conference and £500 for residential conferences or other longer events.

Postgraduate/Early Career Research Grant

On an annual basis, SSNS will offer a limited number of grants to support members of the Society who are postgraduate students/early career researchers in relevant subjects. ‘Early career researchers’, in this instance, includes those who have returned to research later in life as well as those who are within five years of the award of their PhD or equivalent professional training. Grants are for a maximum of £300, and are intended to assist those whose funding (from whatever other sources) are insufficient for them to carry out their proposed research.

Postgraduate/Early Career Conference Attendance Grant

This grant is provided for a postgraduate student or early career scholar to attend a relevant conference where the applicant has been invited to present a paper, or a conference which can be shown to be directly relevant to their research. Funding can be used towards travel costs or conference fees, and generally does not exceed £75 per applicant.

The deadline for the first round of applications is 31 December 2021, except for the Postgraduate/Early Career Conference Attendance Grant, which has no deadline.

Please visit the SSNS website for more information.