Carved in Stone – an Early Medieval Crowdfunded Tabletop Game

Carved in Stone is a project showcasing the rich and complicated landscape of 7th century Scotland.

Its primary goal is to create an illustration-rich visual system-neutral setting guide. This book will act as a primer on the Pictish people, allowing you to truly play as Picts in ancient Scotland. It will focus on their culture and the northern kingdom of Fortriu, while also introducing other aspects of Scotland as relevant.

It will be an ideal book for:

  • Storytellers. Roleplaying gamers looking to add authentic late-antiquity themes to their games, and explore Scotland through adventures with friends.
  • Learners. Readers of all ages can learn something new and exciting about their own past from this book, whether at home or in a classroom.
  • Historians. Carved in Stone will platform new voices in academic spaces, helping broaden the discussion of the past in comparison to today.

We have the support of key experts across four different sectors (arts, archaeology, education and heritage) to create a vibrantly beautiful book exploring the past. All we need now is your support, so we can make it and give it away for free.

Yup, you read that right!

History isn’t owned by any one person, but by all of us. So, after a period of early access, we’ll be digitally releasing Carved in Stone under a Creative Commons license* (we predict mid-2023). This means that anyone will be able to access this project for free and use and remix this project in any way they like. We anticipate that it’ll help spread new research about the Picts into:

  •  Games and Roleplaying, inspiring new creative stories about the past
  •  Educational Settings, such as for use in schools or clubs

When you back this Kickstarter, you’re helping platform new voices and new conversations about the past. As a backer, you’ll get early access and behind the scenes information, as well as awesome merchandise and unique experiences to thank you for your support.

For more information on the project and how to back it, please visit their Kickstarter page.