The Extraordinary & the Everyday: life in Medieval Cornwall – Michelle P. Brown

Online, 18 November 2021, 1500 – 1600 GMT (19 November 2021, 0200 – 0300 AEDT)

Join Professor Michelle Brown for this free online talk and discover more about the great manuscript treasures of medieval Cornwall, including the Bodmin Gospels and Pascon Agan Arluth (the Cornish passion poem), which are currently on loan from the British Library. The Bodmin Gospels, which contains some of the earliest written Cornish handwriting and names, is a major landmark in the movement to abolish slavery in 10th-century Cornwall. The Cornish Passion Poem (Pascon agan Arluth) is an illustrated 15th-century copy of the oldest full text in the Cornish language, a poem on the Crucifixion composed a century earlier, which influenced the Ordinalia plays.

These and other key manuscripts from the Kresen Kernow collections cast light upon the impact of Christianity on lives in medieval Cornwall. Other aspects of the everyday include documents ranging from an earl’s establishment of the rights of Truro and Cornish Stannary Parliament records to a woman’s will written on the eve of the Black Death and records of rents paid and disputes settled.

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