Researcher – Medieval Archaeology – Czech Republic

A full-time, fixed-term position, based in Vienna, in available for an archaeologist who has at least a Master’s degree in hand and in currently a PhD student.

The job at the university will be devoted to the study of specially focused topics:

  • Interaction within the material culture between Austrian and South Bohemian cities manifested by mutual exchange of commodities in the Middle Ages, solved through contemporary social theories (e. g. Actor-Network Theory),
  • Tradition and innovation in the pottery production, the mutual influences of Lower and Upper Austrian, South Bohemian, and South Moravian ceramic production in the Early and High Middle Ages,
  • Comparative study of urbanism, municipal infrastructure, and waste management between Czech, Moravian, and Austrian cities,
  • Influence of Danube architecture on the architecture of South Bohemian buildings in the Middle Ages (aristocratic residences, ecclesial monuments – monasteries, churches),
  • material culture assessment (especially medieval and post-medieval pottery and additionally other items made of metal and glass) and its social-economic interpretation,
  • Pottery technology and function (application of châine opératoire and behavioural approaches),
  • Comparative study of urbanism and communal infrastructure,
  • Medieval rural settlement in the woodland environment (using non-destructive survey and LiDAR data processing).

The application deadline is 11 November 2021, and further information may be found on the website.