Anglo-Swedish Society Seminar – Neil Price

Dealing with the Dead in the Viking Age: Funerary rituals and practices in Viking times – shedding new light on the relationship between life and death in Viking times

No period in time save that of the Romans evinces such interest, and stirs so much imagination, as the Viking period (traditionally thought of as about 750-1050 AD). Many tall tales are told of exploits and practices in those “Dark” Ages which, on more diligent enquiry and research, are either distorted or basically “fake news”. We need a scholar of renown to help to sort the truthful wheat from the fraudulent chaff, and there is no better person working today in this field than our distinguished speaker, Professor Neil Price from Uppsala. Neil will be sharing with us his scholarship and learning around a very interesting facet of that remarkable epoch, the relationship between the living and spirit worlds, both of which were very prominent and important in those times. Many mysteries remain around how, when, where and why Vikings were buried (and indeed which Vikings were buried) but what we do know is both surprising and revealing.

Professor Neil Price is Distinguished Professor of Archaeology and Chair of the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History at the University of Uppsala.

Online, 6 October 2021, 1900 – 2000 BST (0500 – 0600 AEDT)

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