PhD Fellowship – University of Stavanger

The University of Stavanger, Norway, invites applicants for a PhD Fellowship in Historical Archaeology/Early Medieval history/Norse studies at the Museum of Archaeology, The Department of Cultural Heritage. The position is vacant from 1. February 2022. The position is part of the project Viking beacons – Militarism in northern Europe, funded by Research Council Norway (RCN), the first major study of Viking Age beacons; the Vikings warning or signalling system for imminent threats. Traces of these warning systems based on light signals are important documentations of the Vikings’ fears and preparedness. The main hypothesis is that the Vikings’ highly advanced form of civil defence was an important driving force in the shaping of centralised power in early historic Europe (AD 500-1600).

The project will identify beacon sites and beacon networks in the Viking homelands through analysis of archaeological, historical, linguistic and geographical evidence from selected case studies in Norway and Scandinavia. We will date beacons through core sampling and C14-analysis, to establish a new chronology of war for Scandinavia. Through beacon systems, we can study how Viking societies prepared for war and attacks, and how civil society and groups contributed to organise the beacons, across communities and law areas. In this way, the project will also challenge the assumptions about the Vikings’ aggressive male warrior society.

The project is searching for a PhD Fellow who will work with military communication systems at local and regional level within the period 500-1600 AD in selected areas, preferably in northwest Norway and the Trøndelag region. The hired candidate will be admitted to the PhD program in Social Sciences. The education includes relevant courses to about six months of study, a dissertation based on independent research, participation in national and international research environments, relevant academic communication, a trial lecture and public defence. The appointment is for three years with research duties exclusively.

Applications are due 20 October 2021.

Please visit the website for further details.