Recreating Ancient Recipes With VAWAA

Join Vacation With An Artist (VAWAA) along with archaeologist and culinary historian Ursula Janssen and learn the art of recreating ancient dishes.

Together, we’ll turn our kitchens into vessels for gastronomic time travel, using historical recipes and modern ingredients to create dishes from ancient Mesopotamia, ancient Rome, and the Mediterranean Middle Ages. We’ll focus on the Middle East, Southern Europe, and the Mediterranean region, tracing ancient foodways and trade routes along the Mediterranean Sea and the lasting legacy they had on several regional cuisines. From Babylonian fowl pie to Mustacei, we’ll treat each recipe we cover as a portal to the past, looking at the traditions, culinary innovations, and societal values it was steeped in. We’ll explore how various foods, cooking methods, and notions of “healthy eating” were viewed across time, and what a profession in the food industry of yore may have entailed. By the end of the course, you’ll not only have a deeper understanding of ancient Babylonian, Roman, and Mediterranean cuisines, but also the knowledge and skills to weave elements of them into your own cooking practice.

  • Session 1: Babylonian: Fowl pie and Mersu
  • Session 2: Ancient Rome: Mustacei and Alexandrian gourds
  • Session 3: Mediterranean Middle Ages: Itriyya and hummus

Each session will be held from 1200 – 1400 EDT over the following dates in two rounds:

  • Round 1: 25 September (26 September 0200 – 0400 AEST), 16 October (17 October 0300 – 0500 AEDT), and 23 October (24 October 0300 – 0500 AEDT);
  • Round 2: 6 November (7 November 0300 – 0500 AEDT), 13 November (14 November 0400 – 0600 AEDT), and 20 November (21 November 0400 – 0600 AEDT).

The course will cost $235/person USD. If you are unable to pay the ticket price for this course, a limited number of no-pay spots are available to increase accessibility for students, regardless of their economic situation.

For more information, please visit the website.