CMRS Monash Seminar Series – Gustavo Fernández Riva

Approaching Medieval Multitext Books using Network Analysis

Online, 17 September 1800-1900 AEST.

Codices that compile different texts­­­– multitext books – were common in the European Middle Ages. Scribes had many different reasons for, and utilized a variety of strategies when, collecting a variety of works into a single object and understanding them can offer scholars valuable insights into the transmission and uses of medieval books. In order to study this shared transmission of texts, methods from network analysis allow us to focus on the macro level and discover fundamental trends.

This presentation will focus on how to transform available information on medieval manuscripts into networks. It will address the key questions, such as where can we find the data? How reliable is it? What software and know-how do we need? And how do we interpret the results? Overall, the presentation will make the case for the benefits of developing and maintaining digital models and infrastructures that help us navigate and understand historical information.

Dr Gustavo Fernández Riva is a Postdoctoral Scholar at the University of Heidelberg (Germany), and member of the Collaborative Research Centre ‘Material Text Cultures’, where he develops digital tools for editing and researching pre-modern written artefacts. He studied medieval literature at the universities of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Porto (Portugal). His Ph.D. dissertation (University of Buenos Aires, 2018) included a critical edition in TEI and Spanish translation of texts by Middle High German poet Konrad von Würzburg. He has also co-edited Der arme Heinrich – digital.

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