PAS Lecture – Guto Rhys: The Pictish Language

The Pictish Arts Society autumn lecture series gets underway on Friday 17th of September with a talk by Dr Guto Rhys. Dr Rhys will provide an illustrated overview of the developing views on ‘the Pictish language’ from 1582 to 2021. This will include discussion on the demise of the language and the shift to Gaelic. The second part of the presentation will delve into the actual evidence for the language – place-names, personal names, inscriptions, manuscripts and the influence of Pictish upon Gaelic. The final part will summarise what we may reasonably conclude about the specific features of Pictish and its relationship with other languages. It will also engage with the fraught issue of the survival of a supposedly non-Indo-European Pictish.

17 September 2021, 1930 BST (0400 18 September AEST).

A zoom link will be provided to all PAS members, and please note that PAS lectures are only open to PAS financial members. For details please visit the website.