Columcille in Context – TCD Seminar

Meredith Cutrer, Michael Biggs Scholar and DPhil Candidate at Oxford University, will deliver a lecture entitled ‘St Columba and the Fathers’, as part of the Columcille in Context: Theologians and Historians in Conversation to Commemorate the 15th Centenary of the Birth of Saint Columba of Iona (521/ 2021) series.

Abstract: St Columba’s life and memory, as recorded and perpetuated by his monastic familia, consciously placed him in the tradition of a number of prominent late antique saints. This lecture will consider the saints his community drew upon to craft St Columba’s image with a particular focus on the enduring interest his community evinced in the Egyptian Desert Fathers, St Antony of Egypt and St Paul of Thebes. This presentation will show how these monastic pioneers were a crucial component of the Columban familia’s cultural memory by examining key pieces of literature and art produced by his community from the seventh to the eleventh centuries.

Online, 8 September 2021, 1930 – 2030 BST (0430 – 0530 AEST 9 September)

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