Hyggnaþing – Old Norse Graduate Conference

Hyggnaþing, meaning ‘Meeting of Minds’, is a one-day conference in Old Norse studies. Having experienced over a full year of lockdown in the UK, we feel that students have been at a disadvantage when trying to engage with research in their field. In response, Hyggnaþing aims to overcome the difficulties of isolation by bringing postgraduate students together virtually. We hope this will provide an opportunity to build connections and share research. Hyggnaþing will be completely live, comprising panels of 20-minute papers and discussion. Inspired by the momentous developments of the past year, the conference theme encourages panellists to consider the areas of their research that involve change and fluctuation. We hope that, in considering the transitional aspects within their work, our speakers will be able harness the ambiguities and uncertainties of our time to engage with new ideas and perspectives. We are happy to announce that the conference programme and registration are now available! We are delighted to welcome Dr Sarah Baccianti as our keynote speaker, who will giving a talk on ‘Old Norse Medical Charms: Healing Words and Recipes’. 

The conference will be held via Zoom on 11 August 2021, 0915-1815 BST ( 1815-0315 AEST).

Please visit the conference website to view the programme, and to register.