Australian School of Celtic Learning – August Online Events

Who were the Celts

In this Sunday afternoon webinar, we will introduce the culture of the Celts, focusing on bronze-age, iron-age and early medieval language, art and archaeology.  We explore questions of identity, location and time period.  We investigate archaeological sites for what they can tell us about Celtic culture.  By looking at artefacts we identify the distinctive art styles associated with the Celts.

1 August 2021, 1400-1600 AEST
$30/($20 concession)

The Celtic Languages – Development of the Gaelic Languages

In this Sunday afternoon webinar, we will investigate the three modern Gaelic languages – Irish, Scottish Gaelic, and Manx – and their antecedents, Old and Middle Irish. We will consider how the languages have developed over time, and how those developments fit together with historical and sociological developments in the region. We will look at some poetry and prose in each of the three modern languages, and in Old and Middle Irish, and the ogham script. No knowledge of any Celtic language is necessary: this webinar will provide an introduction.

15 August 2021, 1400-1600 AEST
$30/($20 concession).

Lunchtime Lucky Dips

For next month we will have a theme for our Lunchtime Lucky Dips which is Holy Islands. We’ll look at a different island each Wednesday for the duration of the month. 

4 August: Skellig Michael – off the west coast of Ireland, is a World Heritage site containing bee-hive huts and cross-marked stones, now famous as a Star Wars location
11 August: Lindisfarne – a tidal island off the northeast coast of England, which was established as a monastery in the early medieval period
18 August: Eileach an Naoimh – an island in the Garvellachs off the west coast of Scotlandwith a bee-hive hut and cross-marked stone, together with later monastic remains
25 August: Holyhead Island – Welsh Ynys Gybi off the coast of Anglesey, with many prehistoric and later remains

Wednesdays, 1300-1345 AEST, $10.

Beginners’ Old Irish Language classes

Small, informal reading and grammar classes that meet online every Wednesday via Zoom.  Suitable for beginners to advanced beginners.

Wednesdays, 1700-1800 AEST, $15/class.

Founded in December 2017 by Dr Pamela O’Neill, the Australian School of Celtic Learning is a community-oriented educational venture. To attend any of these lectures and short courses, please contact the School directly through their website.