Nalbinding for Beginners

Whether you have an interest in knitting or historical crafts, or even if you’ve never given knitting a try, this book provides you with everything you need to learn and develop the Viking Age form of knitting, nålbinding.

Nalbinding for Beginners, by Emma ‘Bruni’ Boast, is designed with high definition photos and a large script format. Within the book it teaches you the single danish stitch, as well as two tutorials on how to make mittens/fingerless mittens and hats. This stitch is based on the archaeological examples excavated at Tybrind Vig (dated c.4200 BC) and Bolkilde (dated c.3200 BC) in Denmark. Both are held at the National Museum in Copenhagen.

This book is written in English by a certified UK based heritage craft specialist and Viking-Age archaeologist.

There are high definition photos to show you each individual step of each tutorial. This book is also suitable for left- and right-handed crafters. Nalbinding is an instinctive craft not based on patterns, it is through this technique these resources aim to teach a beginner.

The book is available for digital download, as a physical book, and also in a starter pack along with 50g of wool yarn and 1 bone nålbinding needle.

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