JAEMA Volume 16 – Digital Issue Available Now

2020 has been a year of firsts within our discipline in many ways, and for AEMA this was no different as it culminated in the first themed issue of our association’s journal. The 16th volume of JAEMA presents new research by Polish scholars on the broad theme of the Christianisation of Europe. The articles included in this volume present interpretations deeply rooted in the Polish historiographic tradition. The editors hope that their publication in English will contribute to the growing body of knowledge on aspects of Christianisation processes experienced by European cultures and societies.

Volume 16 of JAEMA is now available to view and download online through our digital publishers, Informit. Each article and book review is available as an individual document, and the whole journal is also available to read as an epub.

Volume 16 Table of Contents:

  • Editorial
    • Jozef Dobosz & Darius von Guttner Sporzynski, The Christianisation of Europe
  • Articles
    • Maria Dzielska, The religious panorama of the Roman Empire
    • Maciej Salamon, How to win new followers for Christianity?: The origins of eastern and western missions in early medieval ‘younger Europe’
    • Jan Prostko-Prostynski, Christianity among the Germanic peoples in the territories of the Roman Empire
    • Roman Michalowski, The Christianisation of the Saxons
    • Jakub Morawiec, The Christianisation of Scandinavia
    • Przemyslaw Urbanczyk, The pace of the early Christianisation of the Piast lands
    • Jozef Dobosz, The baptism of duke Mieszko I in medieval history-writing
    • Marek Cetwinski, The baptism of Poland in historiography and the historical consciousness of the poles in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries
    • Jaroslaw Dudek, The Christianisation of the eastern European Steppe peoples
  • Book Reviews and Short Notices

All current financial AEMA members have digital access to not just Volume 16, but all of our back catalogue, and members can access that content through the member’s only area of our website. A print edition of Volume 16 will be distributed to members later this year, with copies also available to purchase. If you are not yet an AEMA member, and are considering joining, further information is available on our website.